Players’ Praise

I have only started working with Coach Bell recently, but he is so kind and welcoming that I already feel like part of the Triple Threat family. Whether it is Rep Prep or Next Level, Coach Bell always expects the most out of us and he believes in our skills. These programs have been huge confident boosters as well as helping me to greatly improve my skills. I love how intense the Triple Threat practices are and how we work on a variety of things to create well-rounded basketball players. The Triple Threat coaching staff is so dedicated to what they do and I am thankful to have such amazing and knowledgeable coaches who put so much effort in to helping us achieve our goals. Thank you Coach Bell and the Triple Threat Family!- Rachel Aske Division 1- Bedford Eagles Midget Girls

 “Be, comfortable, with being uncomfortable.” This is what Coach Bell said every drill; pushing us to go our fastest and hardest at all times recognizing that it’s ok to make mistakes. Coach gets involved in the drills while helping us focus on the little things to constantly improve on everything we do including the most basic fundamentals. Triple Threat has been a huge part in helping me gain the confidence, skill and knowledge putting me on track to reaching my goals. –Olivia Moller-  Bantam Girls 2014-15  Division 1

Coach Bell, over the course of the Triple Threat program, really helped me improve my basketball skills. He helped me become stronger and better at post moves, taught me skills on playing the wing spot and developed my ball handling skills. I was always looking forward to going to triple threat. I loved how hard he pushed us and the high intensity of the program while I was still having lots of fun. We were always doing something and that has really helped me push myself and prepared me for my tryouts.
Coach Bell made the Triple Threat program a positive and hard working environment. He loves Triple Threat and puts everything into each session.
Coach Bell pushed me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone and taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes if I am always working at 100 percent. He’s a coach that believes in everyone’s capabilities. I really hope there will be more triple threat sessions and I really look forward to going back. Thank you Coach Bell –Laura MacKinnon Bantam Girls Division 1


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